For Users

Who can use Siren?

Siren may only be used by adults (over 18 years of age).

What countries are restricted?

We do not provide any services to citizens and residents of the United Kingdom, United States, all the countries from the OFAC sanctions list, or other countries and jurisdictions where these services cannot be provided by virtue of the current legislation.

Is the Siren Protocol Safe?

The Siren team is committed to making the user experience as safe as possible. Our code is continuously audited.

Security resources:

Where can I purchase SI tokens?

Is there a mobile support for Siren?

Yes, you can use in the mobile browser on your smartphone.

NOTE: This is a living document that will continue to be updated as Siren evolves. To contribute, please visit Siren on GitHub. Specific questions may be answered and technical guidance may also be provided from time to time in the Siren Discord to those who are interested in building on top of the protocol.

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